Re-building and upgrading of Abudwak airstrip through community contribution

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Created by: Abudwak airport
Supported by: DRC
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Abudwak Airport is currently operational, serving both chartered and passenger flights every day of the week. The airport employs about 30 full-time employees and it’s a major source of income for Abudwak City Administration. A routine day at Abudwak Airport and one will see first-time travellers, diaspora returnees, patients, government officials and all sorts of people. It is very clear that the daily lives of the Abudwak is becoming highly dependent on the Airport. The average number of planes that land daily are two while the average travellers are 800 travellers per month as evidenced by Abudwak Airport operations. The airport employs a total of 30 Abudwak residents and has 18 members of Airport Authority, which is composed of all the segments of the community. The Airport is being managed as an independent business entity and the operations performance is reported by the managing team to the board of trustees periodically. So far, there is no governmental body that audits or interferes with the operations of the Airport. However, the airport runway is not in line with the normal aviation’s standard for passenger planes. This caused higher fare prices and lower available cargo space. Being the crucial facility for Galguduud region and serving more than 300, 000 inhabitants, upgrading and enhancing it will not only increase the daily commuters served by the airport but will also improve economic and the lives of Abudwak community. In addition to this, it will ensure the safety of the aircraft occupants and prevent the destruction of the aircraft. The total cost for airstrip runway rehabilitation is 500,000 Dollars. Thanks to the stability fund for generously providing a matching fund of 340,000 Dollars through DIALOGUE project implemented by DRC Somalia and Shaqodoon organization. A community consultation Forum was established to fundraise for the rest of the funds, 160,000 Dollars through Sokaab crowd funding platform. Join the CCF and communities in Abudwak in the fundraising for an international standard airstrip for Abudwak town to stimulate local economic development and ensure the safety of passengers flying to and from the town.

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Map data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
Map DataMap data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
Map data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
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