Rehabilitation of Kalabaydh Road

Wadahadal Project

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Created by: Kalabaydh
Supported by: DRC
Projects supported: 59
Kalabaydhe was formed in 1962 and located 42 km from Laascanood town. With a population of 1,500HHS, its economy depends on livestock rearing and production and other businesses like shops and restaurant. Kalabaydh community is currently requesting the construction of a secondary school, a Hospital, IDP support centre and sanitation facility. While all these facilities are a necessity. With no humanitarian intervention and diaspora support, the community has withstood these burdens for a long time. Kalabaydh community requested to help construction of the road between Las’ano and Kalabaydh. Kalabaydh community has requested support for the side challenges which were facing the past couple of years. The luck of road construction of the road will be a major boost to the region. And currently travelling to Las’anod from Kalabaydh takes in two days. Project involves Upgrading of the gravel road between Lascano and Kalabaydh The new road is expected to lower transport time by one hour and lessen travel costs from Las’ano to Kalabaydh. Construction for this new road also envisages more development projects to come up in the area as a result of the Kalabaydh road…The community has started Upgrading access road. Kalabaydh residents expressed optimism that a devolution takes root. The road is currently characterized by deep gullies and potholes and requires an off road vehicle to navigate. Travelling to Kalabaydh from Lascano by bus takes about three days and during rainy seasons the journey can take up to two weeks as roads become impassable with buses and trucks carrying relief food getting stuck. Construction of the road will be a major boost to the region. EXPECTED RESULT/ BENEFITS. ? Reduced vehicle operating costs for the traffic moving on the road. ? Reduce journey time for goods and passengers ? Reduced transportation cost of freight and passengers along the road. ? Improved quality of riding surface and increased comfort PRIORITY: Enhance the productivity of high priority sectors and related value chains, including through the rehabilitation and expansion of critical infrastructure for transport, markets access, and trade improvement. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: construction and rehabilitation to the public and deliver social services. The most important focus is to create employment opportunities for the youth at risk and improve their economic well-being. Thanks to the Wadahal-Dialogue project, the community now wants to The Wadahal-Dialogue Project is helping communities to set up a resource mobilisation initiative by forming committees that oversee the fundraising activities and opened a bank account that is connected to Sokaab Platform that captures donation. The Project will use the Sokaab platform to track the transactions of the bank accounts and contributions from community members and the diaspora. Through Sokaab, members of the public will be able to access these financial transactions by visiting Community contributions amounting to 70,000 are expected to contribute by the residents of Kalabaydh and its diaspora. The fundraising committee is requesting the community from Kalabaydh and throughout Sool district and other Somali donors to contribute to project where the community will choose the priority project that they want to invest.

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Map DataMap data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
Map data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
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