Empowering Gerijir Village: Rebuilding Infrastructure for a Stronger Community

A Participatory Journey towards Rehabilitation and Upgrading of the Administration Block in Hiraan, Somalia

raised of $10,000 goal
Days Remaining
Minimum amount is $100 Maximum amount is $50000
Created by: Gerijir wali waaye
Supported by: IOM
Projects supported: 39

In a participatory community consultative process, the Gerijir community prioritized the rehabilitation and upgrading of Administration Block to enhance service delivery to the citizens residing in Gerijr village and the surrounding locations, better coordinate with regional Hiran Authorities and as well create conducive working environment for the local administration to facilitate their day-to-day activities to the citizens they represent.

Gerijir is a village under Mataban district, Hiraan region of Hirshabelle State of Somalia with an estimated population of 800 households. It is approximately thirty (30) Kilometers to Mataban town and due to the drought, the number of displaced people has increased. There has been an infrastructural gap in Gerijir village since the collapse of the central Government of Somalia and existing ones have not been upgraded for a long time due to the drought and other climate induced impacts.

The Gerijir community has shown a great interest in participating the matching grant initiative by co-financing the activities they prioritized during the participatory community consultations through community contributions where the community in Gerijir village will raise $10,000 and then the project will match it with $40,000 at a ratio of 1:4 and the estimated activity cost will be $50,000. It is their first time to experience this opportunity. the community have established a Community Project Implementation Unit (CPIU) who will lead the implementation of the identified priorities from fundraising to completion of the Rehabilitation and upgrading of the Administration Block.  

The activity identification is a decision that the community has unanimously reached together with the district and regional Authority, as this contributes to both social integrations, enhance security and government presence. The community committees attended the participatory planning process and local fundraising training to empower and transfer skills to the selected Community Project Implementation Unit (CPIU). The rehabilitation and upgrading of the Administration Block will enhance the service delivery to the community and as well boost the social cohesion between the communities and the local administration.

Thanks for contributing towards re-building the infrastructural facilities especially the upgrading of the Administration that will promote social cohesion though improved peace and security.

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Map DataMap data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
Map data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
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