Rehabilitation of Bardere District Guest house

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Named after the expansively growing ubiquitous palm trees in the area, Bardere is the most populous town in Gedo region and second most populated in Jubba valey. The river banks are lined by beautiful palm trees and so are the farms of this town that lies at an intersection of all major roads that links Somalia to Elwak and Mandera in Kenya, Kismayo, Baidoa, Barawe and Dinsoor within Somalia. The populous town was liberated during the fall of 2015 after years of subdued life under the Al-Shahab militant. Baardheere is now back in the hands of the Federal Government of Somalia. Residents who had fled the ruthless Al Shabaab rule have started flowing back to their abandoned homes, farms and livestock subsequently attracting large business communities from neighboring towns and even from Kenya. Moreover, more government officials and emergency groups are frequently visiting for missions. Surprisingly, such a populous town receiving such a high influx has no single guest house to accommodate them. The authority tell you they are facing a greater challenge in accommodating when a delegation arrives including federal government officials, temporary emergency missions, business leaders from the neighboring regions or any other mission to this town. The DIALOGUE project of DRC has inspired the authority by supporting them to organize community fundraising to build the first guest house for the town to get relief from the accommodation challenges. The DIALOGUE project is a resource mobilization initiative by DRC that contributes 50% of the total cost of community and public project to create trust between Somali people and their government in the management of their own development. The Bardere authority passionately appeals you to support them in the building of the first guest house to end accommodation challenges faced by the authority in receiving delegates. We will make sure your donation goes through the right place and provide you regular updates.

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Map data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
Map DataMap data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
Map data ©2019 AfriGIS (Pty) Ltd, Google, Inst. Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael, ORION-ME
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