How it Works

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Plan ahead

Create a social presence by setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts if you haven’t already.

Make it compelling​

From the title to the visuals, your campaign should inspire potential donors to contribute.

Share & update

Share your campaign via social media channels and ask your friends to do the same.

STEP 1 - Submitting projects

Community-based committees identifies needs in their village or town, prepare a proposal and submit to one of our partner organizations through Sokaab.

STEP 2 - Selecting the best projects

A panel from a partner organization reviews whether the community proposal meets the criteria to qualify for fundraising through SOKAAB. Partner organizations approve only proposals that are a genuine expression of the priorities of the community at large and that have sound and sustainable operational plans.

STEP 3 - Start of the campaign, and awareness

Community-based committees whose proposed proposals have been approved will receive a start-up workshop. With support from partner organizations, community-based committees will have access to one-on-one support on how they can create awareness about their projects.

STEP 4 - Matching donations

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration. We cannot achieve alone what we can achieve together. Communities will pool their own resources and will also mobilize funds through SOKAAB. Partner organizations will match the funds mobilized by those communities that are supported by the DIALOGUE programme or another community-driven programme.

STEP 5 - Accountability and transparency

The community-based committees and partner organizations regularly update the contributors through the platform, so you know how your contribution is making a difference.

First Crowdfunding platform in the region for organizations.

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